Eat More With Healthy Diet Foods

Healthy diet foods that promote weight loss and improved health don’t have to be expensive, complicated to prepare or lack in taste. All a dieter needs to remember is to consume essential foods—such as whole grains, lean protein, fruits and vegetables—rich in nutrients sensibly so that they don’t ruin their weight loss diet program. There are many ways of enjoying these health-giving foods that don’t only encourage a dieter to stick to their weight loss diet plan but also help them acquire healthy eating habits that are sustainable in the long run. Here is a rundown of healthy yet tasty diet foods.

According to the Unites States Department of Agriculture (USDA), people who consume whole grains—such as whole-wheat products, barley, oatmeal, whole cornmeal, popcorn, quinoa, bulgur and millet—have reduced risk of obesity and other health problems such as coronary heart disease. This is because whole grains are rich in health-giving nutrients such as B vitamins, fibre, iron, magnesium and selenium. A minimum of three servings a day is the recommended daily intake conducive to promoting good health and weight loss.

Healthy nuts and protein-rich legumes aren’t only Losing weight does not have to be complicated when eating healthy diet foods and don’t only enhance the nutritional value of a healthy dish—they are often the main ingredients for a tasty spread that may complement an otherwise sparse diet food such as whole grains. Nuts such as almonds, hazelnuts, pecans, macadamias and walnuts contain fibre, vitamin E and heart-healthy omega-3 DHA fatty acids which increase the level of good cholesterol in the body while lowering bad cholesterol levels. Legumes, on the other hand, contain healthy fats, fibre, iron, folate, magnesium and potassium aside from being a healthy and alternative source of protein. Examples include garbanzo beans/chickpeas, kidney, black-eye, red and pinto beans. Eating hummus, which is made from garbanzo beans, is a great way to add flair to and enliven any diet.

Fish is a source of lean protein and contain significant amounts of healthy oils. Grilled, steamed or broiled, fish such as salmon, herring and mackerel are flavorful yet promote good health by reducing blood pressure and lowering the risk of blood clotting. Eating two servings of fatty fish per week is good for the heart according to the American heart association (AHA).

As a main ingredient in healthy spreads and low-calorie beverages, fruits and vegetables are also diet foods that packed with health-giving nutrients. The USDA suggests eating five servings of vegetables and fruits throughout the day since they are dense with essential nutrients and helps a dieter feel sated faster, so that they don’t ruin a diet that promotes a healthy and sustainable weight. The agency also recommends choosing colorful vegetables and fruits such as oranges, apples, cantaloupes, sweet potatoes, carrots, Brussels sprouts, broccoli and spinach. People who consume vegetables and fruits usually have a lower risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

Eating a well-balanced diet meal plan that includes a variety of healthy foods not only guarantees that the body will acquire the nutrient it needs in order to function well, but also allows a dieter to achieve their weight loss goals in a healthy and sustainable manner. For this reason, it will be beneficial for a dieter to keep these healthy diet foods in mind.

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