It’s Time to Write YOUR Book !!!

It’s common for celebrities who experience tragedy and want to help others to have a book published by a traditional publisher. But now, “everyday people” can do the same thing. The power of publishing has truly gone public.

Thanks to continuing advancements in digital technology and print-on-demand resources, more people who want to make others aware of a worthy cause can have a professionally published book.

When Margarete Cassalina lost her daughter Jena to cystic fibrosis, her world stopped; life, as she knew it, was over. Within one year, however, Cassalina went from the depths of depression to simply existing to recovery, discovering that she could not just survive but even harness the power of true and absolute love. She literally went from “beyond breathing” to living a full and purposeful life.

Cassalina published her book, “Beyond Breathing,” through iUniverse (an imprint of indie publisher Author Solutions), and a film about her story is currently in production. Most of the net proceeds from book sales go to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Indie book publishing empowers anyone to publish a professionally designed book, maintaining complete control of the content, rights and marketing. For a little investment, a book can be available for sale on all leading online retailers and ordered at any bookstore.

In Reg Green’s case, his world turned upside down when his son Nicholas was murdered. Green published “The Nicholas Effect” through Author Solutions imprint AuthorHouse. The book chronicles his experience and promotes organ donation. Nicholas saved the lives of seven people who received his organs. Green has sold tens of thousands of books and speaks regularly on the topic of organ donation.

It does not have to be about tragedy or fiction that sells millions of copies (that would be nice), it could be just a book about Your life for the generation’s You leave behind. Think about it, how nice would it have been if Your Great Grand Mother or Father left You a story of their Lives for You and Your Family alone. All I can say it would be priceless. I think at I’m gong to start mine.

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