Wealth Tips

One Day your season of material wealth will arrive, if it hasn’t already, doing the following Five things will always serve You well:

Don’t become arrogant. 

Work hard and become successful in life but don’t think of yourself as better than others because of your material wealth. We all have purpose in life and even those that have little in terms of material wealth can be helpful.

Don’t put your hope in your wealth. 

A good job or business and its steady earnings can be here today and gone tomorrow. If You have been on earth a while You should know that wealth cannot buy tomorrow, one thing is consent in life and that’s change. Be Thankful for what You Have. Wealth must be seen as a tool in life not the end goal/meaning of life.

Be rich in good deeds. 

A good deed is a free and voluntary act of service toward another person. Doing good deeds for others should be the fruit of your life. Remember not all good deeds should be a down payment on future favours. No ones likes to be reminded that they owe You.

Be generous and willing to share. 

Generous people are people that work together with others. They build organizations and contribute to the success others. Think about it: who wants to do business with someone who only takes? Remember that in giving we will always receive.

Always pay Your Taxes

So many try dodge Mr. Taxman, when in reality if you just lean the basic about taxes you would have more of a chance to get a pay out rather then PAYING in. Two things in life are certain Death and Taxes, You even have (in some countries) to pay death tax !!!


Life is Long, material wealth is like a river. It can run for years or it could just dry up. Being decent, believing in people rather the wealth, being helpful and generous will help make the Journey more enjoyable. Don’t Forget Your Taxes.

Tax-Free Wealth: How to Build Massive Wealth

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